Project Description


For camping enthusiasts, the GripTil plastic floor system is an invaluable tool. It is possible to build aesthetic, ergonomic, non-slip and durable floor suitable for mobile use.

The GripTil plastic surface can be used as a base for permanently installed tents, where it not only protects its floor but also acts as thermal insulation and allows water and moisture to be drained from under the tent. It also serves as an ideal surface for vestibules and shelters of tents, caravans and camping vehicles, where it is simply laid on the existing surface (grass, gravel, sand) without the need to modify foundation.

The flooring system has good thermal, anti-slip and anti-noise properties. Thanks to ramps and corners it is possible to ensure safe entry on the surface. The plastic floor can be used indoors and outdoors, it is no problem to put it on grass, gravel, sand and other surfaces.

Due to the durability and service life of the system, it is ideal for use for camping. Thanks to the modular system, low weight, easy and quick assembly and removal of the floor, it is destined for transport. It can be transported in pre-assembled segments, at the user’s discretion, so installation on-site is easy and fast. Cleaning is also easy, just to shake the floor or spray it with a hose. In the case of damage, it is sufficient to replace only the destroyed part, the connectors are not the part of the module so in the event of damage, the coupling is simply replaced.