Project Description


By using a plastic floor in dog kennels, animal pens, and similar areas we get a surface with good utility properties and easy maintenance.

There is an increased incidence of dust, dirt and various fluids in areas where animals are moving. When using a GripTil plastic floor with a perforated surface, the dirt and fluids penetrate below the floor. At the same time, dust is not whirled and carried, animals do not move or lie in liquids or moisture.

The installed system also improves the thermal properties of the floor – a 16 mm high plastic system insulates well. Also, maintenance is simple, just to lift the floor from time to time or to pull it out and clean the entire area underneath. Given the robustness and durability of the system, it is a good solution for use in this area. In case of damage, it is sufficient to replace only the individual segment. The connecting elements are not part of the modules so, in case of damage, the coupling is simply replaced.