Project Description


The use of plastic flooring in sales and storage areas is an ideal surface for applications with increased frequency of movement of persons and handling equipment.

Dust and dirt fall through the perforated surface, and by falling under the floor, the surface is clean all day and does not need to be wiped so often. The installed system improves the thermal and acoustic properties of the floor and reduces dustiness, the dust does not swirl and spread. In areas where people are standing all day (warehouses, sales points etc.), the floor improves the blood circulation in the lower limbs and significantly reduces fatigue. Thanks to ramps and corners, it ensures safe entry to the workplace and movement of handling equipment. At the same time, the plastic floor protects objects against damage when dropped. Due to the durability of the system, it is ideal for use in sales and storage areas.

Unlike conventional coverings, which are very quickly worn out and irreversibly damaged in exposed areas, only a broken segment can be replaced in the plastic floor system in the event of damage. The connectors are not part of the modules, so if damaged, it can be simply replaced.

In the case of application in older buildings, it is possible to modernize the surface in minimal time and without huge construction work by using a plastic floor. For installation in rented premises, it is much more advantageous to use a plastic flooring system than conventional tiles or other stable covering. If the lease is terminated, it is very easy to dismantle the system and place it in a new place.