Project Description


In motorsport, the plastic floor can be used in all areas – in front of caravans and tents, service points and also parking places for cars and motorcycles.

The plastic floor is easy to install, remove and fold and it is lightweight for transport. Vehicles parked and serviced stand on a clean floor, mechanics are moving on a dust-free, clean and warm surface. Also, expensive vehicle parts and tools will not be damaged if they fall on the plastic floor.

In addition to the utility features, this way of application also has a design and marketing aspect. The design of the floor system in team colors is very impressive and it is also possible to place logos, names of teams or sponsors into the floor.

Access ramps facilitate the movement of vehicles as well as the approach of handling equipment. It is also practical to place plastic floor in the cargo spaces of trucks and vans. Transported items are protected against being battered on the original metal floor of the vehicle, the plastic system reduces noise. If water enters the cargo area, the floor system can be simply lifted up and the floor wiped off.