Project Description


Plastic flooring on the balconies, terraces and front gardens meet the aesthetic and practical requirements for modern surface covering.

Dust and dirt falling through the perforated plastic surface are making the surface clean all day. The installed plastic floor system also improves the thermal and acoustic properties of the surface and reduces dustiness. In workplaces where people are standing for a long time system improves blood circulation and significantly reduces fatigue. Thanks to ramps and corners our system ensures safe access to the surface. It is possible to enter the surface safely immediately after the rain, the floor is non-slip and water flows below 16 mm high floor – no puddles on the surface occur.

The flexible plastic surface also protects objects when falling. If, for example, the glass is broken, it is enough to collect larger shards and sweep the surface, small pieces fall under the floor and there is no danger of cutting. In the case of application on older surfaces, it is possible to significantly modernize the surface by using plastic floor in minimal time and without demanding construction work.

For installation in rented premises, it is much more advantageous to use a plastic flooring system than conventional tiles or other stable covering. If the lease is terminated, it is very easy to dismantle the system and place it in a new place.