Project Description


Placing the plastic floor in the sauna area, around the cooling pools and whirlpools offers many practical features.

In the interior of the sauna, the plastic floor is practical and comfortable to walk, and it is also easy to handle when cleaning. On the sauna floor, the temperature does not reach high enough to exclude the use of plastic. Outside the sauna is suitable throughout the space where people move.

Particular emphasis is placed on anti-slip properties around the cooling pools, whirlpools, showers etc. In such areas, people move in a wet environment and the risk of slipping and falling is increased. In addition to good anti-slip properties, the plastic floor eliminates walking in standing water, which is usually very unpleasant for visitors. Excess water is drained through channels under the floor. If any remains, the 16mm tile height is sufficient to prevent the surface from rising to the surface.