Project Description


Wherever there is an increased occurrence of water, the plastic perforated surface is an optimal variant of the floor covering. All water sports are a typical example.

The floor tile height of 16 mm and the internal channel system ensure fast and lasting drainage of water under the floor surface. People do not move in standing water. The non-slip surface increases safety and, if someone falls, the flexible floor surface minimizes the risk of injury.

The main areas of application are entrance and exit areas and piers, decks of all types of boats, changing rooms for all water sports, especially diving bases. The plastic surface is also suitable for storage areas where it protects expensive sports equipment against damage (diving equipment, bottles, marine engines, etc.).

Plastic tiles resist well to the weather and even long-term exposure to water does not cause problems. When used in areas with seawater and intense sunlight, the plastic material must be stabilized accordingly.