Project Description


The GripTil flooring system makes possible to realize a high-quality and safe plastic surface for a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports.

It is possible to choose any color combination and surface shape. The result is an aesthetic and safe playground with a plastic surface for football, handball, basketball, tennis and many more. This sports surface offers increased protection for the athlete’s health. The movement on the elastic surface less stress the lower limbs and when fallen onto a soft surface, the probability of injury is significantly lower.

The plastic sports surface consists of floor segments with color-coded fields and lines. The edges of the playing area consist of a continuous leading edge. The surface of the sports ground is non-slip and soft, thanks to the holes it is permanently clean and dust-free. In the outdoor application, it is possible to play immediately after the rain because the water flows under the surface. The material is maintenance-free and weather-resistant, the playing area can be used both indoors and outdoors. The plastic floor can be easily disassembled and installed in a different location so the mobile sports surface can also be realized.