Project Description


Garage floor – parking of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles on the GripTil plastic floor is one of many possibilities of its use.

Parked vehicles stand on the clean and dust-free floor and people move on a non-slip and flexible surface. Precious vehicle parts and tools will not be damaged if they fall on the plastic floor. If any liquids leak from the vehicle, they will flow away through the channels below a 16 mm high surface. In wintertime snow falling away from the car melts and water flows away under the surface of the plastic floor. People do not step in water or snow slush what is not only pleasant but also safe.

In addition to useful properties, this application also has an aesthetic function. The design of the garage flooring system can be in various combinations of colors and shapes according to the requirements of the owner. When applied to older or crumbled surfaces, the floor gets a new aesthetic and functional level.

Edge ramps and corners make it easier for vehicles to enter the garage. If the floor is damaged at any point, only the damaged segment can be replaced thanks to the modular design.