Project Description


The GripFlex plastic system is designed to create optimal work surfaces as well as surfaces in the other various areas of activity.

Basic segments of the plastic floor can be used to assemble the work surface on tables, shelves, machine panels etc. The created surface is suitable for all types of work, the flexible surface is gentle on the parts to be handled and at the same time sufficiently strong and durable.

The floor segments can be trimmed to the required size, all common metal or plastic moldings and profiles can be used for termination. This creates a solid, durable and flexible work surface in the desired color combination. The joints of the individual elements are overlapped so they are almost invisible and, in the case of gluing, are also impermeable.

The GripFlex floor can be applied not only to new surfaces but is ideal for the easy renovation of existing worn and damaged work surfaces. If there is wear in the exposed areas or damage during use, it is possible to simply replace a particular segment without having to change the entire work surface.