Project Description


All the benefits of the GripTil flooring system will be used in car washes and similar appliances.

The perforated surface of the tiles and channels on their underside ensure reliable drainage of all run-off water. It flows under the floor surface and people do not have to move in standing or running water. In conventional car wash use of colored markings makes it easier to guide when entering. When walking you do not move in standing water and dirt and perforated floor increase the safety of movement thanks to non-slip surface. In hand-operated and self-service car wash the properties of the floor system are irreplaceable. Customers or operators do not have to stand in running water and dirt when washing the vehicle.

At the same time, the risk of injury from falling on slippery floors is reduced. In winter, when snow falls from vehicles, the amount of dirt is greater and the risk of slipping increases. If a part of the floor is damaged, only the destroyed segments can be replaced.