Project Description


In front of the building and immediately in the entrance to the building, the plastic floor system can be used as a cleaning zone, if necessary associated with the presentation of the company name, logo or guidance system.

At the entrance equipped with our plastic floor, the system ensures that the footwear is moved on the perforated grate and cleaned of dirt. The further away from the entrance, the less dirt and dust, and the visitor enters the changing room in relatively clean shoes. Dust and dirt fall below the floor making the surface clean all day long without having to wipe it so often. At the same time, the dust does not swirl and spread further into the building.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the floor is vacuum-cleaned or wipped. Because dirt is absorbed under the floor but is no longer treaded and carried, vacuuming is very simple. Once in a time the floor system is raised and more careful cleaning is performed.

The systém also improves the aesthetic appearance as well as the acoustic properties, the thermal properties and offers the creation of barrier-free entrances.