Project Description


In the area of exhibitions, fairs, expositions, and presentation spaces, the plastic flooring system gives the possibility to create an attractive, aesthetic, ergonomic and anti-slip surface.

The color combination of the plastic floor can emphasize the products or company presented and simply attract the attention of customers. It is possible to insert logos and inscriptions into the floor, to create various color combinations. The installed system also improves the thermal and acoustic properties of the floor and reduces dustiness. In expositions and shops, where people are standing all day long, it improves blood circulation in the legs and significantly reduces fatigue. Thanks to ramps and corners, safe entry to the floor, barrier-free access and trouble-free movement of handling equipment can be ensured. The floor can be installed indoors and outdoors, all over the area or only in certain places to highlight the exhibit.

With regard to the durability and service life of the system, it is ideal for use in exhibitions and fairs. Thanks to the modular system, low weight, easy and quick assembly and removal of the floor, it is destined for transport. Unlike conventional roll coverings, which are very quickly worn out and irreversibly damaged in exposed areas, only the destroyed part can be replaced in the event of damage. The connectors are not part of the floor segments, so the damaged coupling can be simply replaced.

In the case of exhibitions and expositions in rented premises, it is much more advantageous to use a plastic flooring system than to install classic tiles or other stable coverings. In case of termination of the event, it is very easy to dismantle the system and place it in new premise.