Project Description


The GripTil flooring system makes possible to realize giant versions of some board games. Among other things, we offer the popular game Ludo and Giant chess or Checker for adults.

Line up for Giant Ludo consists of the plastic floor with color-coded playing fields, giant figurines and dices. The playing area can be used both indoors and outdoors. The whole set can be easily unfolded and folded in another place. The edges of the playing areas are equipped with ramps at the edges so entry to the area is safe. In the summertime the game can be placed outdoors, in winter it is simply carried indoor.

In the basic version, the game has the same parameters as a classic model and the size of the playing field is 6 x 6 meters, in the set, there are 16 figurines and 2 dices. For confined spaces, we offer reduced variants with three or two figurines for a single player, where the playing area has a side length of 5 resp. 4 meters.

The most demanded products are Giant Chess. Due to the size of the figurines and the playing area, they are designed for outdoor, especially where spectators watch or participate in a multiplayer group. Unlike the table form, the game on the giant chessboard is also an activity in the fresh air with plenty of movement when moving figurines. At the same time, this set can serve as a nice decoration.

The chess pieces are made of polyethylene in white and black. The king’s height is 80cm. The playing area 4 x 4 m is made up of GripTil plastic floor squares 50 x 50 cm of size. The color combination of the chessboard can be chosen as required. The chessboard surface is non-slip and soft, thanks to the holes it is permanently clean and can be used immediately after the rain because the water flows under the surface and does not create puddles. Material of figures and chessboard is maintenance-free and weather-resistant polyethylene.