Project Description


When used in the gym, fitness or other sports facilities where sports equipment is handled, the original floor is protected from damage by plastic flooring and an object that is dropped is also protected. If the floor is extremely damaged, it is sufficient to replace only the destroyed segment.

The plastic flooring system creates an ideal base around all sorts of fitness machines and equipment, where there is a risk of slipping when exercising, getting on and off the athlete. This helps to increase the safety of the sports ground, moreover, in case of a fall, the plastic surface is relatively soft and dampens the fall. In large areas, the plastic floor system also reduces the noise level.

In the case of application to the older surface, it is possible to easy modernize the premises in minimal time and without demanding construction work. Thanks to ramps and corners it is also possible to provide wheelchair access for disabled athletes. Different colored sectors and zones can also be created from the plastic floor.