Project Description


The use of the GripTil plastic floor system in industrial plants and warehouses brings a number of options. The advantage is the creation of a functional and aesthetic surface that retains its properties for a long time.

The basic properties for industrial application are as follows.

  • non-slip surface
  • noise and dust reduction
  • vibration protection
  • workplace thermal insulation
  • drainage of liquids below the floor surface
  • protection of objects when falling on the floor
  • security – color coding of sectors, zones and edges

Main areas of application of plastic flooring systems in industry.

  • workplaces around machines and equipment
  • floors in workshops and offices in operations
  • storage and handling areas
  • cleaning zones
  • service pits

The plastic floor is non-slip and also thermal insulated. In places where there is a presumption of contamination of the floor with oil or other liquid in the foundation pit, around the washing tables, etc., the anti-slip properties of the floor will apply. The liquid is drained through a system of channels under the floor surface. The plastic floor also very well protects against damage in the event of a fall of various objects and tools that can break.

A very important feature of a flooring system is also its effect on the health of workers. The system improves the thermal and noise properties of the floor and reduces dustiness. It improves blood circulation in the lower limbs and significantly reduces fatigue in workplaces where employees permanently stand. Due to the flexibility it also protects against vibrations, so it is suitable to apply it to the workplace around the machines emitting vibrations. Last but not least, the aesthetics of the space are improved, the workplace is a permanently clean. By color marking of sectors and zones, it is possible to realize requirements to increase the safety of workers. It is possible to drive on the floor using conventional handling equipment such as pallet trucks and forklifts. However, it is always necessary to verify in advance the expected load on the floor.

When installed on an undamaged floor, simply put the plastic system in place. In the case of application on older surfaces, it significantly modernizes the surface in minimal time and without demanding construction work. Prior to installation, the surface should be roughly leveled and treated against dust. Thanks to straight ramps and corners it is possible to ensure barrier-free access and passage through handling technology. The flooring system can be used either over the entire surface or only in certain locations to improve workplace conditions. The floor can be combined in color, it is possible to incorporate the logo, color marking of zones, guidance system, etc.