Project Description


In the area of swimming pools and water parks, the plastic system has several ways of use, from the entrance, through the changing room to the wet zone.

The application of the GripTil plastic flooring system in the swimming pool and the water park brings a number of improvements. The non-slip surface prevents slips and falls that are quite common in these areas. If an event occurs, falling onto the plastic floor will not cause injury. The perforated surface and the channel system ensure that water flows under the surface and people do not have to move in the water. The flexible plastic surface, unlike ceramic tiles, is pleasant for walking, sitting and lying. Due to its thermal properties, the surface is not as cold as paving or concrete and during hot days the surface is not unpleasantly hot.

It is also advisable to place the plastic mats in the showers. It will not only apply its anti-slip and safety properties but also ensure water drainage below its surface and visitors do not have to stand in polluted water.

At the entrance equipped with our plastic floor, the system ensures that the footwear is moved on the perforated grate and cleaned of dirt. The further away from the entrance, the less dirt and dust, and the visitor enters the changing room in relatively clean shoes. Dust and dirt fall below the floor making the surface clean all day long without having to wipe it so often. At the same time, the dust does not swirl and spread further into the building.

Upon their return, visitors enter the changing room from the pool area. The entrance of perforated plastic floor ensures that the foot does not carry water more than a meter or two, the water drips under the floor and is not carried into the changing room.

Using the plastic floor directly in the changing room ensures that the visitor does not stand in the water, but on a relatively dry mat. Clothes dropped on the floor do not get dirty and wet and the entire space looks very clean.

All-day continuous floor cleaning is also kept to a minimum. After closing the premises, the individual segments are lifted, can be sprayed with water and at the same time the floor is wiped off.